6A Edeth Grove

The existing house is a two-storey, 1950s building placed between 2, five-storey periods houses just off the Fulham road, London. The house was situated in a conservation area but was not listed.

Client brief 

The client wanted to reconfigure the existing internal arrangement, which only had three bedrooms.


We suggested the demolition of the existing building and erection of a five-storey house to match the heights of existing buildings either side. Additionally, we advised the possibility of proposing a basement structure extending into the rear garden to maximise the commercial value of the site.

As Architects we advise the clients on the additional appointments of consultants, this included a Planning Specialist. They collaborated with us on relevant design policy and additional requirements needed for a planning application. We also worked with a structural engineer who provided preliminary structural design and calculations that were needed.


We are currently in pre-planning discussions with the planners on making amendments that would satisfy both the client and the local authority. The planners have stated that they feel sure a planning approval can be obtained if certain amendments are made.

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