Felstead Road

Description of property

This property had an existing kitchen that was small and easily cluttered which made simple everyday chores problematic. The location of the WC at the end of the kitchen and garden also presented privacy issues.

Client brief

The client was keen to make better use of his house; he was a keen gardener and spent much of the time there. As the arrangement of the WC, kitchen and dining room were so close to the garden, the existing spatial aspects of the ground floor were not currently appropriate.


We suggested a simple addition, move the existing bathroom and add a contemporary glazed roof and doors that would offer views to the garden as well as access.

In addition, we recommended that we administer a recommended ‘Royal Institute of British architects ‘ building contract between the client and the contractor.


The end result was well received by the client. The new extension was more functional and was totally bathed in natural light.

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