Ivor Place, Westminster, London

Description of property

This house was situated in a conservation area and was a Grade II listed building by Westminster Council.

Unfortunately, the building was in a bad state of repair and had been used as a Household in multiple-occupancy. The previous owner had used the rooms as a separate bed sits with some shared facilities.

Client Brief

Our client was keen to return the house to a single use family dwelling along with extensive internal and external refurbishment and a proposal for a new build basement.


We advised the clients to instruct us to submit a pre-planning application before a formal full planning application was submitted. This route ultimately saved time and money for the client.

We also worked closely with external an historic adviser and were lucky enough to receive assistance from Mr. Dan Cruickshank who advised us on historical matters.


Planning permission was submitted and an approval gained for the return of a single-family dwelling house and a new build basement. Building regulations approval were obtained and construction works followed. Construction works followed to completion.

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