Pembrook Studios, London

Description of property

The existing building was a single story warehouse that was originally used during the Second World War as an ammunitions warehouse. The warehouse building is steel framed with a facing brick outer skin. The site is bound on all sides with residential dwellings and gardens.

Client Brief

The location of the dwellings meant that careful consideration was required of the design as to protect visual privacy both for users of the new building and that of the existing houses. In addition we had to satisfy the Offsted regulations as well as planning and building regulations restrictions.


The client had been operating from a much smaller building so the new larger space offered the opportunity for us as Architects to work with and to suggest possible uses for various rooms. Due to the sites close proximity to neighboring residential properties; an acoustic engineer collaborated with us on the design.


The new building was given a generous central double height top lit space that is versatile and used for a range of activities from including yoga, music teaching, obstacle courses, and den building. This space is acoustically separated from various other classrooms, kitchens and toilets that support the running of the nursery.

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